Arts and Culture: People Power Through the Arts


by Sierra Turner & Grid staff

Philadelphia’s diverse and vibrant arts community is one of the reasons that we’re topping “best of” lists across the country. Community-centered art programs that expand who has access to the power of art need your assistance. So, pick up a paintbrush, help someone tell an important story or serve on the board of the next great theater company.


Help a child who might be the next Basquiat, Rembrandt or O’Keefe. Art-Reach strives to create a world in which all communities have access to the arts. Art-Reach creates and expands accessible opportunities in the arts to traditionally underserved audiences, including those with low incomes or disabilities. 

Who they’re looking for
Artists of all disciplines who want to share their craft 

What you’ll do
Intern with the Art-Reach staff to assist with fundraising events and general operations

Arts & Business Council

Actively connecting the creative sector with the business, legal and technology communities, the Arts & Business Council of Greater Philadelphia builds and supports relationships between the cultural community and the for-profit sector to create a strong, vibrant region.

Who they’re looking for
Business leaders who want to give back to the community

What you’ll do
Serve as a board member for an arts organization through their Business on Board program to assist with fundraising, financial literacy, strategic planning and project management 

Mural Arts Program

Philadelphia is home to the nation’s largest public art program—the Mural Arts Program—and it’s dedicated to the belief that art ignites change. Mural Arts transforms public spaces by uniting artists and communities to create accessible art for everyone.

Who they’re looking for
Artists, active community members and others who want to empower their peers

What you’ll do
Serve as ambassador of the organization to educate the public through events, paint days and arts advocacy

Scribe Video Center

This is a place where emerging and experienced media artists can gain access to the tools and knowledge of video making and work together in a supportive environment using video and film as tools for self-expression and for representing and supporting their communities. 

Who they’re looking for
Aspiring videographers who can help tell real Philadelphia stories that the mainstream media misses

What you’ll do
Make an engaging and transformative video, or help out with opportunities to work screenings and events

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