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Go Solar, Philadelphia (And Here’s How)


Interested in finding out more about solar power in Philadelphia? Solar Philly, a new program by the Sustainable Business NetworkClean Air Council and local solar installers Solar States and Exact Solar, looks to connect Philadelphia homeowners and a city-wide coalition of community organizers to reduce the cost of going solar and to meet the city’s solar energy goals outlined in the Green Works Plan. There are six upcoming workshop dates at different locations around the city to inform and educate citizens. 

“Going solar collectively has a benefit to homeowners as the economies of scale of group purchasing significantly reduces installation costs which save homeowners money,” says SBN Executive Director Jamie Gauthier. “Additionally, solar reduces the need for our homes to be powered by electricity sources that pollute our air and water.”

More about Solar Philly:

The program will be organizing one neighborhood at a time and holding workshops within communities to provide homeowners with information about the benefits of going solar. The hyper-localized, neighborhood approach enhances their ability educate and to help save homeowners money. When neighbors decide to go solar together, economies of scale allow locally based solar installers to offer discounts.

Solarize Philly! NW Philadelphia Workshop Dates:

Energy Co-op, November 13, 12:00 PM

Lovett Library, Noveomber 17, 6:00 PM

Webshop”, November 18, 6:00 PM

Center City Lunch Workshop, November 20, 12:00 PM

Germantown Life Enrichment Center, November 22, 10:00 AM

Solar Home Tour, November 22, 10:00 AM3:15 PM

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