CitiesAlive: Annual green roof and wall conference comes to Philadelphia

CitiesAlive, the only conference series in North America dedicated to green roof and wall industries, is in Philadelphia this week. This year’s four-day conference, “Restoring Urban Waters,” hosted by the industry association Green Roofs and the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, will look at how green roofs and walls are part of Philadelphia’s plan to revitalize the

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Featured Article: Water Pressure

In Philadelphia, there is nothing as cleansing as a good rain. In the moments after a storm, the city feels renewed: trees drip, skies clear and birds reemerge. Dirt, soot and trash have been swiftly swept away. The concrete and pavement feel, if not exactly new, at least a little fresher.

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Onion Flats: Rising Waters

“My passion is water,” says builder and master plumber Pat McDonald. “I can live without the lights being on.” McDonald is co-founder (with his brother Tim) of Onion Flats, a sustainable development company based in Kensington that is revolutionizing the relationship between structures and stormwater in Philadelphia.

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