Health Care for All

Big changes to federal policy are cascading into local programs and breaking down barriers to healthier lives for some of our most vulnerable residents

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Will hospitals become allies in the fight for clean air?

The Smog of War by Heather Shayne Blakeslee In Beijing’s Tiananmen Square in 2013, a giant digital television was broadcasting pictures of a blue sky and white clouds: The toxic smog over the city prevented people from seeing the actual sky.  For years, some weather forecasters said the opaque skies were caused by “fog,” without

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Environmental Effects

Patients as Person, City as Healer?by Nathaniel PopkinIn the earliest days of the Center for Community Partnerships at Penn, a project I was a part of for a few years in the mid-’90s, we considered (but never executed) a “misery/happiness index” for West Philadelphia. The index was an idea of the historian Lee Benson, the

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