Mary Seton Corboy, 1957–2016

Illustration by Jameela Wahlgren Something About Mary by Nancy Barton When my husband, Bill, and I first met Mary and her partner, Tom, they had already started Greensgrow Farms in Kensington, and we had recently bought a building a few blocks away to move our brewery operations.   I don’t recall if she came to us

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Spirits of Independence

The latest Grid is out now, with a fascinating look at some of the independent spirits who are leading the resurgence of local libations in Philadelphia. Join us for a look behind the scenes at the community-minded founders of Philadelphia Brewing Company, the master brewer behind the artful beers of Tired Hands Brewing Company and

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Beer Us

Philly returns to its beer making pastby Will Dean When Schmidt’s brewery closed in June 1987 after being bought by Wisconsin brewer G. Heileman, Philly officially switched from a beer-producing to merely a beer-drinking city. Although Schmidt’s wasn’t a taste explosion (my dad used to refer to it by a similar sounding expletive), the demise

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