November: Comings & Goings

Social Impact, Energy, Sustainability and Moral Economy Conferences Come to PhiladelphiaNov. 3 through 5, the national Net Impact Conference will be held at the Philadelphia Convention Center. Philadelphia B-Lab Founder Jay Coen Gilbert will be among many Philadelphia-based speakers. The conference is open to the public, and offers social-impact-focused career connections for professionals and students. 

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Food Justice: Feeding Our Souls

Friends of Farmworkers staff by Sierra Turner & Grid staff Food is central to everyone’s life, but it doesn’t come easily to everyone’s table.  Whether it’s ensuring that none of our neighbors go hungry, or protecting the people who help to feed our community, volunteering can help nourish your soul. Friends of Farmworkers Friends of Farmworkers

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Where others see waste, local gleaning programs see food for those in need

Second Harvest by Marilyn Anthony Monika Crosby, a “true blue farmer’s daughter,” does not grow vegetables. Employing what she calls “picking with a cause,” Crosby runs Philabundance’s gleaning program, coordinating volunteer vegetable harvests at three commercial farms in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Since 2014, Philabundance has redirected 760,000 pounds of produce to low-income families.  Dating

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