Four businesses take on social and environmental challenges

Companies that Care WaterShift_Design Diverting or absorbing stormwater runoff protects our rivers from pollution and prevents citywide flooding. Shift_Design splits its portfolio between environmental design work for local businesses and consumer-based products that combat this issue. Shift_Design uses recycled components made within 120 miles of Philadelphia. One of their products, a living tile, is a

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Can entrepreneurs save us from climate change?

Illustration by Kathleen White Serious Business by Hannah Waters Every moment of every day, even as you read this magazine, a dizzying array of scientific gadgets collect data on our planet’s environment. More than 3,000 ocean floats measure the temperature and saltiness of seawater to depths of 6,500 feet. Instruments at the top of the

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The Encyclical

Pope Francis, who took his name from St. Francis of Assisi, patron saint of animals and the environment, will visit Philadelphia in September of 2015. Long after he has left the City of Brotherly Love, the words from his encyclical letter “On Care for Our Common Home” will be with us. 

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