Global futurist Jack Uldrich: A sustainable economy will require unlearning what we think we know

Illustration by Corey Brickley Learning to Forget interview by Heather Shayne Blakeslee It’s unlikely that any particular college degree would prepare you to become a “futurologist.” But that’s exactly what polymath Jack Uldrich calls himself. His breathless recitations of game-changing inventions and ideas that entrepreneurs and environmentalists should be on the lookout for run the

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Come on, get happy! Grid’s hosting a movie night!

Has the post-holiday, back-to-work grind given you the blues? Join us on Thursday night from 5:30 to 7:30 at the Trinity Memorial Church (22nd and Spruce) for a dose of cheer. We’re sponsoring,  in conjunction with Sustainable 19103 and the Office of Sustainability, a screening (just an excerpt), followed by discussion, of The Economics of Happiness.

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Review: The Value of Nothing

Raj Patel opens his new book, The Value of Nothing, with an anecdote about being a child playing in his parent’s convenience store. He recalls getting endless pleasure out of the pricing gun—especially when labeling his little brother with a paltry $.01 cent tag.

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The Other Economy

Don't Panic, Philly--there's work to do!
by Kenneth D. Smith, Ph.D.
Many Philadelphians feel anxious about the unfolding economic crisis. So far we’ve witnessed eye-popping declines in our 401Ks, unprecedented layoffs from CitiBank to City Hall, and planned cuts in City services, including libraries, firehouses, recreation centers and public swimming pools. Given the tense environment, is there

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