Tips on keeping bees and making your garden bee friendly

Photo by Addison Geary Hive Mind by Anna Herman Most humans are cheered by spring flowers. For all the pollinating insects, these blooms are a lifeline after the nectar- and pollen-free winter cold.  Honeybees and many native bees keep the foods we love—fruits, veggies, nuts, milk and even ice cream—flowing to our tables through their

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Natural Crisis: A fight in preserving a place for honey bees

Photo via saveourgardens.org If you’re a honey bee enthusiast, we have some bad news. Backyard beekeeping in Plymouth Township is under serious threat. The Plymouth Township Council recently proposed a bill to ban backyard beekpeeing on lots of 30,000 square feet or more. This ban would restrict beekeeping on 92 percent of residential properties in

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Learning by bumbling with bees

story by Tanya Veitch | illustration by Stephen HaighFirst, a confession: I am a full-on honey bee nerd. I love my bees and am totally addicted to beekeeping. I’ve been “keeping” bees since July 2010. In that time I’ve lost sleep, been stung (my fault), felt terrified and overwhelmed, and of course,

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How-To: What’s the Buzz

Become a Philly Beekeeperby Phil Forsyth & Micah WoodcockOur recent urban beekeeping survey and tour revealed that the majority of Philly’s two dozen or so beekeepers started within the last five years. Why? We know that bees are essential pollinators for gardens, farms and orchards. Other than wind-pollinated corn, the vast majority of our vegetable,

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