From the Editor: Creative Change

When the New Kensington CDC was faced with mountains of garbage being dumped on their neighborhood’s vacant lots, they came up with an ingenious idea: plant trees around the perimeters of vacant lots. Just the presence of trees stoically standing guard proved discouragement enough for would-be garbage dumpers.

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Simplify: 3 Easy Ways to Live Greener

Fluid Needs
Make your water coolerAt first glance, the office water cooler looks innocuous, especially if you forego the dumpster-bound plastic cup and refill your (Philadelphia Phillies, 2008 World Champions) glass instead. However, there’s one key wasteful component unaccounted for: energy consumption. Yup, those heavy jugs need to be manufactured and then carted around town by

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Making It Happen: Alexis Rosenzwieg

This popped! creator and organizer admits that today’s music festivals aren’t exactly sustainable endeavors, but that hasn’t stopped her from trying. At last summer’s festival, each recycling station was managed by a volunteer who informed festival-goers about proper recycling. Businesses and organizations were discouraged from passing out flyers and encouraged, instead, to present their information

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