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Creamy Goodness: The Raw Milk Experiment


A couple weeks ago, Grid sent a contingent to the PASA Conference out in State College. Our trip was short and sweet (due to some sizable weather anxiety stemming from an incoming blizzard), but we did have the chance to talk to hosts of wonderful, passionate, ideologically engaged farmers, advocates and business people. I heard a lot of people talking about raw milk.

Now, I’m always looking for ways to make my eating habits more pretentious and confusing to my friends and family. Not really, but the more I learn, the further down that road I seem to be heading. I’ve gone from all natural to organic to sustainable to local. I lecture my mother about the upsides of pastured eggs, ask my brother to count the ingredients before he buys bread and grumble when friends suggest a drinking establishment that doesn’t offer local brews.

So, last week, when I was buying my milk at the Fair Food Farmstand, I went top shelf. (At the FFF, raw milk is literally kept on the fridge’s top shelf). I’ve been enjoying unpasteurized, non-homogenized milk in my cereal for almost a week now. I enjoy looking at the glass bottle, I enjoy shaking it up and I really love the flavor.

Raw milk advocates make all kinds of claims about the health benefits of raw milk. I guess I’ll find out if the shift changes anything for me personally. 

How bout you, Grid readers? Where do people fall on the raw milk debate?

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